As the COVID-19 situation continues, it is more important than ever that staff receive the All Staff emails from the University.

These All Staff emails, along with the COVID-19 Universe Special Editions, are the key channels used to communicate important information and operational changes to staff.

If you are not receiving these communications to your UOW email account, please update your subscriptions to either the all_academic or all_general mailing lists today.

If you are not subscribed, or have unsubscribed to these lists and would like to be added again, this can easily be done via the Intranet.

To subscribe:
1. Head to the MY IT tab on the homepage of the Intranet
2. On the right hand side under “MANAGE MY ACCOUNT” click on “Update your mailing list subscriptions?”
3. A pop up will appear. Once in this, choose from the drop-down which mailing list you would like to subscribe to (either All Professional Services Staff or All Academic Staff).
4. Click “Subscribe to join the mailing list”
5. Click Submit.

You will receive an email once your subscription has been accepted.

Should you need any assistance, please log a ticket via the IT Services Portal.