UOW Library are getting ready to activate their new Library Management Platform and students and staff with EBSCO accounts will need to take action in readiness for this change. The new system will offer streamlined services with improved accessibility to Library resources. Please note that if you have previously saved SEARCH information within the Library’s current discovery layer (Library SEARCH), including alerts, these will be lost unless the necessary precautions are taken. Once migration occurs on 9 December there will no longer be direct access to all your saved items.  More information can be found in UOW Library News to prepare for this transition.

The Library is invested in being future-ready and a looks forward to providing integrated search and request functionality with this contemporary upgrade. Moving to this system will position our Library to be part of new and exciting developments for lending between libraries in Australia and worldwide. The new interface will continue to evolve, improving unmediated and enhanced delivery within a streamlined service and will be part of a group of libraries developing new solutions to provide clients with easy-to-use options to meet their needs.

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