UOW students Max Meddow, Thanh Nguyen and Hop Dao recently participated in the 17th Chinese Bridge Language Competition for Foreign Tertiary Students in Sydney.

All students demonstrated excellent Chinese speech delivery skills and talents related to Chinese culture. Max came second with an inspiring speech and fascinating martial arts performance. He will now represent Australia in the next round in China. Thanh will also go to China to observe the competition. Both Thanh and Hop won excellence awards with their Monkey King play receiving the most enthusiastic reactions from the audience.

Dr Xiaoping Gao, who is a Senior Lecturer in Chinese in UOW’s School of Humanities and Social Inquiry, coached the students and served as one of the judges for the 11th Chinese Bridge Competition for Foreign High School Students in the afternoon.

Thanh said, “My teacher has been an extremely helpful source of support. She accompanied us throughout the contest. Thanks to her, I got the courage to participate in this contest and learnt a great deal about both the Chinese language and culture.

“I would highly encourage all students studying a language to take part in activities like this. It helps with your study and, more importantly, it’s an unforgettable experience for life.”