UOW Global Enterprises has been recognised for its work, recently winning two leading business awards for business excellence and risk management.

Congratulations to the UOW Global Enterprises team on these achievements.

UOW Global Enterprises recognised as ABA100 Winner of The Australian Business Awards 2020 for Risk Management

UOW Global Enterprises was recognised as an ABA 100 Winner of The Australian Business Awards for Risk Management in 2020. The Award recognises organisations that have achieved outstanding results through initiatives that demonstrate excellence in risk management.

The Australian Business Awards (ABA) are an annual comprehensive awards program which recognises organisations that demonstrate the core values of business innovation, product innovation, technological achievement and employee engagement via a set of established business and product award categories. The program provides a notable opportunity for high-performing organisations to be acknowledged and celebrated for their achievements both nationally and internationally.

Since 1993, UOWGE has grown to become one of Australia’s most unique and successful global providers of tertiary education programs encompassing Vocational, Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelors, Masters and PhDs delivered from campuses located in key international locations. It owns and operates UOW College Australia (UOWCA), University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD), UOW College Hong Kong (UOWCHK) and UOW Malaysia KDU (UOWM KDU).

UOWGE’s decentralised, offshore operating model carries with it inherent risks. However the organisation identifies and manages risks via a comprehensive risk management framework that classifies risks into four main categories including: strategic; financial; academic, and operational. Risks are systematically evaluated, managed and controlled through a dedicated governance structure and risk management is embedded organisation-wide.

UOWGE Group CEO and Managing Director Marissa Mastroianni said UOWGE’s risk management framework is a pillar of the organisation’s success. “Our risk management framework has been the essential lense that has injected confidence into our growth-by-acquisition strategy and is a key driver in facilitating our well-managed growth and in delivering increasingly positive outcomes.”

UOW Global Enterprises announced as winner of 2020 Hong Kong Australian Business Association Awards

On Thursday, 15 October UOW Global Enterprises was named the winner of the Hong Kong-Australia Business Association (HKABA) NSW Chapter 2020 Business Awards for Business Excellence. The Award recognises significant achievements resulting from plans and actions in the commercial sector to and/or from Hong Kong SAR/China by an Australian organisation, in any industry sector.

The HKABA Business Awards is a national program that is designed to provide recognition and incentive to individuals and companies who strive for excellence in all aspects of international trade between Australia and Hong Kong SAR and China. They were established in 1987 to reinforce economic ties between Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Australia. Members are local business professionals, SME operators and large corporates, with a total membership of approximately 1,000.

In 2019 the UOWGE group: achieved its 6th consecutive year of record financial results; delivered record profit before tax of $39.6m, an increase of $13m from 2018, and earned a record $169.8m in revenue, a growth of $34m from 2018.

The Group continues to invest in long-term strategies, including investments in international education institutions that provide value growth opportunities and diversification of revenue and assets.

UOWCHK delivered outstanding results in 2019 (36% above budget), and despite the highly challenging market situation due to COVID-19, has continued to deliver positive financial results into 2020 (forecast 21% above budget).

UOWGE Executive Director Business Transformation Kath McCollim accepted the award on behalf of UOWGE at the live awards event in Sydney, while UOW College Hong Kong President Vanessa Bourne provided responses during the Awards Ceremony live Q&A session.

Ms McCollim said the organisation was a strong candidate for the Business Excellence Award given its unwavering commitment to staff and student development, as well as its investment in Hong Kong’s local market, particularly during this year’s uncertain climate.

“We focused on the importance of technology during this period when ‘the new normal’ was being established,” said Ms McCollim. “Our staff are continuing to advance our program development and use the skills we have acquired during the pandemic to implement blended learning face-to-face, as well as an online hybrid model to offer new programs and a new pedagogy of teaching.”