In February UOW College Australia launched Project Unite – Sustainable Development Goals in Focus. The program bought together students from a number of different countries around the world to help find solutions to the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

There were 124 students on the program from 18 different countries, including 23 Students from KDU Malaysia. The students were placed in small multinational teams. Each team had a designated UOW Dean Scholar who acted as team mentor, and was assigned one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to work on. The students met online every day for two weeks to discuss the relevance and impact that their SDG was having in their home counties and local communities. The students also participated in masterclasses where they discussed the importance of the SDG’s, their interlinkages, as well as workshops on how to take a concept from idea to implementation and the important role of social enterprises. On the final day each team presented a 6 minute ‘pitch’ on how they can solve one aspect of their SDG.

Special thanks to Dr Belinda Gibbons from the Sydney Business School who was instrumental in the design and delivery of the program. Belinda is passionate about embedding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within education and community and she facilitated many of the masterclasses over the 2 week program.

You can watch the final video here.