The Strategic Marketing and Communications Unit, working in partnership with staff in the Student Recruitment Division, are launching a new mobile website designed to encourage students based in China to choose UOW.

Introduced as a gift to our prospective students for Chinese New Year, the site will be accessed via the UOW official WeChat account. The micro-site showcases useful information for prospective students: key information about UOW, advice on what to ask at study expos, tips to maximise employability, and insights into life in Australia.

WeChat is the largest social platform in China, with an estimated one billion daily active users. UOW’s official account was first established in November 2017, and in that time has attracted more than 6,200 followers.

The account provides a channel for direct communication with prospective students in China and delivers information that helps students choose UOW. Published articles may be shared by selected education agents in China, extending our reach to new prospective students. In 2020 this channel proved a valuable tool for supporting new and returning students with advice on pandemic related changes to study arrangements.