A series of zoom sessions have been designed and delivered by the Global Strategy team over the Spring semester to ensure our Global Leaders cohorts are engaged and feel connected and supported. The purpose of these activities is to continue to deliver professional and personal development workshops designed to ensure students are able to meet the intended objectives of the Global program which includes developing skills such as networking, teamwork, resilience, emotional intelligence, a global mindset and entrepreneurial skills. These monthly sessions are also a great opportunity to check-in with students and provide program updates.

On 23 September, our 2018 and 2019 cohorts had the opportunity to hear from guest speaker, Tom Crasti, an Australian expat working in mergers and acquisitions for Price Waterhouse Coopers in Hong Kong. Tom is currently living in Hong Kong and spoke to the group about his studies, his career journey and the current environment in Hong Kong.

In a separate session held on 24 September, President of UOW College Hong Kong, Vanessa Bourne, and two UOWCHK Bachelor of Business students spoke to the 2020 Global cohort. UOW Global students had the opportunity to hear about life in Hong Kong from differing perspectives.

Virtual activities will continue throughout the Spring semester with the next round of sessions slated for late October following the mid-session recess.