In January and July of this year, the International Office of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences (EIS), in collaboration with the Office of Global Student Mobility, coordinated two study tours with key partner universities in China.

The January Summer Study Tour hosted 30 students and 3 teachers from four different universities and the July Winter Study Tour had 31 students and 5 teachers from a further four universities. Students were selected to attend the Study Tours based on their academic performance and came from a range of disciplines, including computer science, materials engineering, and electrical and telecommunications engineering.

As part of each 10-day tour, students attended specially developed workshops and seminars that were designed and delivered by AIIM, EIS, SMART and UOW Library’s MakerSpace. Students also had the opportunity to engage with local UOW students through different social activities and participate in excursions around Wollongong and Sydney.

The students’ feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many stating it was an unforgettable experience. Students particularly enjoyed the academic sessions, opportunities to see the beautiful sites of the Illawarra, and living and learning on campus at UOW.

Half the Study Tour participants expressed an interest in continuing their studies at UOW for Higher Degree Research at the Master or PhD level, and a few were interested in pursuing 2+2, 3+1+1 coursework articulation programs.