On September 25 2015, 193 member states came together to sign Agenda 2030.

An Agenda that comprises of 17 Global Goals that aim to eliminate poverty, protect our planet and ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030 (UN 2020). Filtering down through all sectors since their inception, the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have cut across sectors; over 72 per cent of companies surveyed by PwC including them in annual reporting, 99 per cent of countries submitting an SDG Voluntary National Review report, academia commitment with 17 Australia and New Zealand Universities signing a formal regional SDG commitment (including UOW).

But the ‘Decade of Action’ towards the SDGs appears to have taken a sharp dive in focus with the COVID-19 crisis – or has it?

We can’t focus on sustainable development now – we are in a crisis! It’s a phrase that has been mentioned a few time of late. To be honest, it’s a phrase used a lot when we re-prioritise. We can be seen putting actions towards our most valuable resources on hold. But in all honesty, never before have we seen so much discussion around the UN Sustainable Development Goals in this country – we just don’t know we are doing it.

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