Please come along to WATTLE’s July Winter Warmer workshop seminar being presented by Holly Gibbons.

Mindfulness: Mind-body connection from a neuroscience perspective

When: Wednesday 24 July, 2019 4:00 pm– 6:00 pm
Where: The Thought Bubble, Building 11, UOW Wollongong Campus

The WATTLE Executive Committee invite all UOW staff to enjoy the workshop and a glass of mulled wine and food with colleagues.

The term neuroscience is being used to draw your attention to the fact that we will be discussing mindfulness from a science view point rather than from its origins in Eastern Philosophy. Scientists are now able to understand what happens in the brain when individuals practice mindfulness and the benefits of a regular mindfulness practice to brain performance and accordingly, overall quality of life.

In this workshop Holly will introduce you to what it means to be mindful and the benefits it can bring to your personal wellbeing and performance. You will be introduced to mindfulness practice that you can utilise throughout your day to give you more awareness and presence in your life resulting in less stress, more focus and overall enhanced life experience.

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