5 Meaningful Minutes: Small changes to pedagogy to support student wellbeing

Tuesday 11 June, 2019
9:30am – 11:30am
Building 21, Room G08, UOW Wollongong Campus*

Dr Lydia Woodyatt researches at the intersection of social, clinical, and organisational psychology. She uses psychological science to increase engagement and motivation, positive relationships, and to help people work through difficult emotions following failure and transgressions. Lydia is an award-winning lecturer at Flinders University, with a focus on curriculum-based approaches to support transition into and out of university.

In this session we will look at core Psychological Needs and discuss possible wellbeing junctions across the student lifecycle (where a student can move toward psychological distress) within our own classes. We will explore how small 5-minute changes in teaching practice can sometimes make big impacts on student wellbeing including:

• How can I support wellbeing in 5 meaningful minutes during a
lecture or tutorial (particularly in a large class)?
• How can I support wellbeing via 5 meaningful minutes on online?
• How can I support wellbeing with only 5 meaningful minutes of
changes to my course outlines?
• How can I use 5 meaningful minutes to support my own wellbeing?


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