With a passion for public policy, fairness and equality, UOW alumnus Misha Zelinsky, has recently been named as a recipient of the Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Australian – United States Alliance Studies (AUSMIN Indo-Pacific Scholarship).

Considered one of the most prestigious international scholarships, the Fulbright Program is aimed at increasing binational research collaboration, cultural understanding, and the exchange of ideas between Australia and the US.

Motivated to make the world a better place, Zelinsky has his sights set on expanding his skills across both foreign affairs and national security.

“I see the challenge of foreign interference and political warfare from autocracies as the single biggest threat to democracies around the world. Whether open and free societies prevail against closed and autocratic regimes will be the defining challenge of our lifetimes – and while there are no guarantees how this plays out, it’s a struggle we must win,” he says.

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