SECTE invites you to the Innovation Conference & Exhibition on Friday, 1 November, which will be held in two locations.

The Innovation Conference will be held in Building 35 Room G45 (TO BE CONFIRMED) from 8:15am till 12:30pm and will include 2nd and 3rd Year group project pitches and a Final Thesis competition. Student start up stories from V-DAQ and Genspeak plus Industry Talks.

The Exhibition will be held in the UOW Sports Hub from 12:45pm till 3:30pm. The Exhibition showcases second and third-year and group projects and Final Thesis demonstrations for Electrical, Computer, Telecommunications and Mechatronics Engineering.

This year’s themes for second year are Dementia care, Smart cities and Digital Twinning.

Third year student teams were challenged to develop interconnected systems that can change devices or improve environments from a remote distance, that is beneficial for industries and communities.

Final year Thesis projects cover a wide range of topics that are supported by the School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering.

This is a great opportunity to network with future graduates.

For further information visit EIS News.