Erica Bell founded Frontier to create opportunities for UOW students in competitive market

When Erica Bell was struggling to find opportunities to work or intern in her dream career, she decided to forge her own path.

The UOW undergraduate is passionate about international affairs, but saw that it was an incredibly difficult field to break in to, particularly for students in regional areas.

Instead, Erica saw a chance to create her own opportunities, not just for herself, but for her fellow students.

And so Frontier was born. The academic journal, which has just celebrated its first anniversary, is led by a team of undergraduate students at UOW, and has been gaining attention around the country for its sharp articles, strong voices, and fresh insight into issues of diplomacy, politics and international affairs.

The peer-review, student-led journal is growing with every issue. So far, the team have published one complete volume, split into two issues.

Erica was inspired to launch Frontier after realising that so many talented students were struggling to gain a foothold in an incredibly competitive field.

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