Don’t miss your chance to show your support for our graduating class of 2020. UOW’s first ever Virtual Graduation Event which will take place at 6:00 pm on 4 March 2021, to honour and celebrate UOW’s Graduating Class of 2020.

To show our support for these students who are disappointed to not be able to celebrate their graduation on campus, we’re asking staff to film messages of congratulations that can be included in the virtual event. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Email your message to by no later than COB Thursday, 28 January, 2021
  • In the email Include the heading Graduation Message and in the email copy provide your full name and title and the area or team you work in so that we can identify you on screen
  • Film your message on your phone – it’s a good idea to have someone else film you
  • Be sure to project your voice so you can be heard properly
  • Keep it short (1 minute maximum)
  • Try to include something specific to your interactions with students rather than simply saying congratulations, to help differentiate the messages.
  • If you’d like to contribute but don’t feel confident doing this yourself – reach out to us at the above email address and we will organise for you to be filmed on campus