The Short Course Policy Suite is now out for consultation. Your feedback can be sent to Emma Purdy ( by Monday 26 July.

This policy suite embeds the principles outlined in the Lifelong Learning Framework that was endorsed by Academic Senate on 20 May 2020 and extends the Course Policy to cover the full suite of offerings at UOW (award courses, non-award courses – courses that are government funded/reportable, and short courses – covering the lifelong learning activities).

Procedures have then been developed that deal with the nuances of course design, approval and review of non-award and short courses (with existing procedures remaining in place for award courses).

A distinction is also made between students and learners, with the existing student policy suite continuing to manage students in non-award and award courses, while a new procedure is proposed to manage learners, who are engaged in short courses.

For more information on the courses being reviewed, please click here.