A new Online Teaching Showcase Database highlights great online teaching initiatives from staff across all faculties and disciplines.

Staff feedback from the Online Teaching Survey (June) highlighted the desire for more learning and teaching exemplars and ways of sharing how UOW academics have responded to teaching remotely across the different faculties.  As a result, LTC are excited to announce the launch of the UOW Online Teaching Showcase Database via the Preparing to Teach Online Moodle (PTTO) site.

The Preparing to Teach Online Showcase Database is an additional resource that demonstrates the practical application of topics covered in the following areas:

  • Designing Your Online Learning Environment
  • Online Lectures
  • Online Tutorials
  • Online Assessment and Feedback
  • Online Social Presence and Discussions
  • Learning Analytics in your Online Learning Environment

The database showcases a snapshot collection of online teaching experiences from UOW staff via video and text reflections, with screenshots of Moodle site resources and design features. Entries were gathered through an expression of interest process, where staff nominated to share aspects of their online teaching and lessons learned from Autumn session that might inspire and support their colleagues.

The resource is a work in progress and development will continue to evolve. As the database grows, you will be able to filter showcase examples at topic and discipline-specific levels.

Would you like to be involved?

LTC continue to work alongside academics who have reached out to have their practice included in the site and encourage more colleagues to contribute and help grow the database.

To share an aspect of your online teaching that has worked well for you and your students, please register your interest here.

For access information to the Preparing to Teach Online Moodle site see the LTC website.

The Online Teaching Showcase Database can be found here.