Meet Lovemore Ndou – a three time world boxing champion turned lawyer. You can’t help but smile when you meet him. Lovemore by name, love more by nature.

He greets us with the warmth and hospitality of a long lost friend, inviting us into his stylishly decorated office in his legal practice, Lovemore Lawyers, in Sydney’s South. There’s an image of his hero, Nelson Mandela smiling down over us, complemented by a visual feast of photos and memorabilia from his decorated boxing career.

UOW law alumnus Lovemore Ndou has made it his life’s mission to make the world a better place, taking on many pro-bono clients, fulfilling his passion to advocate for justice.

When we step outside, he turns heads as we walk down Rockdale’s main street dressed in a dazzling grey checked fitted three-piece suit, complete with a shiny blue striped tie. The local shopkeepers all know him and smile and nod in acknowledgment as we pass. It is a world away from the violent neighbourhood of his childhood.

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