Emeritus Professorship a career highlight for retired UOW academic.

Mathematics has always come naturally to Emeritus Professor Graham Williams. So much so, that when he finished his HSC and was contemplating what to study at university, mathematics was the obvious choice simply because he found it easy.

Two years after his retirement from the University of Wollongong, Professor Williams remembers with a laugh how nonchalant he was about decision.

“I chose to study mathematics at university because I didn’t really have to do any work,” he said. “When I was at school, the only revision I did for maths, including during my HSC, was to memorise a few formulae. It came quite easily to me, and I really enjoyed it. I would sit down and solve a hundred maths problems. I loved it.”

That decision has taken Professor Williams from strength to strength. Now, many years after he finished his PhD at the University of Adelaide, he has been honoured with an Emeritus Professorship from UOW, awarded during a conferral ceremony held at Innovation Campus.

The prestigious honour recognised his immense contribution to the research of pure mathematics and computer modelling, as well as his passion for learning and teaching.

An admired national and international scholar for more than forty years, Professor Williams said he was shocked to learn that he would be receiving an Emeritus Professorship.

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