A scheduled review of the Academic Advice to Students Policy commenced in late 2019. The policy was last reviewed in 2016 under the guidance of a working group of the Education Policy Review Subcommittee (EPRS).

The purpose of the Policy is to provide guidance on who is authorised to provide advice on academic matters to students in order to safeguard students from receiving incorrect advice which could have a negative impact their academic progress. The policy also aims to clarify the obligations of advisers in relation to record keeping. The underlying principle of the policy is that where students are provided advice on which they rely, there is an expectation that the staff member providing the advice is in a position to provide appropriate advice, and has the required level of knowledge to do so.

A number of amendments to the policy definitions are being recommended as consultation feedback indicated there was significant confusion around the distinction between specialist academic advice, general academic advice and administrative advice.

The policy amendments seek to address this by updating key definitions and providing further clarity in relation to the record keeping requirements for the provision of academic advice. The amendments also aim to make information more readily accessible to students on who they can seek academic advice from within the Faculty.

For further information contact Allison Clode, Ext 5954 or email quality@uow.edu.au.

You can find the draft policy here.