UOW Vice-Chancellor, Professor Patricia M. Davidson has declared diversity and inclusion vital to UOW’s success as the community comes together to celebrate Pride Month.

“Everyone around the world has the right to live and work in environments free from discrimination and persecution.

“It is important that every member of UOW community feels welcome and respected,” Professor Davidson said.

“Diversity is an asset to any organisation as it correlates strongly to success and growth and is so much of the UOW story.”

“Pride Month is a time to accept and celebrate our differences and promote a culture of respect at UOW and in the wider community, particularly for our gender, sex and sexuality diverse community.

“I am proud to be a part of UOW’s vibrant and diverse culture that brings together people with different values, experiences and knowledge from across the globe so we all can learn from each other as we build collaborative relationships.”

Diversity and Inclusion are core to the University’s values, which help place UOW among the most respected research-intensive universities in the world.

UOW’s policies and practices ensure everyone regardless of age, race, ethnicity, disability, colour, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender expression, marital or relationship status, or economic background feels welcome to study and work free from unlawful discrimination or harassment. 

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