Ethical dilemmas are likely to arise in the workplace from time-to-time, no matter what job you do. If, for instance, your workplace doesn’t have a recycling system in place, it is easy to blame the company when you find yourself throwing recyclable items in the trash.

Instead of blaming the system, when faced with an ethical dilemma, UOW environmental engineering student Lachlan Crawford set out to improve the system. His engagement with UOW’s Student Makerspace led to a keen interest in 3D printing, which unfortunately produces a significant amount of plastic waste.

About 60 per cent of the plastic used in 3D printing goes to waste.

“I was asked a question, ‘As an environmental engineer, do you ever feel bad about the amount of plastic you’re consuming for 3D printing?’” Mr Crawford says.

“It really got me thinking, ‘Yes, it does bother me, so let’s do something about it’.”

The problem of plastic waste also became clear to Nathan Riggir when the University of Wollongong opened its Student Makerspace in the library in 2017.

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