Things will really be amping up in the reconciliation space this year as we shift the last quarter of our current RAP into high gear toward the finish line and begin planning for reconciliation actions and deliverables in our subsequent Reconciliation Action Plan.

The new plan will clearly align and strategically enhance elements of UOW’s Strategic Plan, The Aboriginal Employment Strategy, Indigenous Student Success Program funding requirements and micro plans within the current RAP. There is certainly a groundswell of movement now, and I encourage each and every one of you to reflect and consider everything from your own shift in perspectives, operational activities on campus, through to your personal life and interaction with your local community and environment, as well as contribution and commitment to future planning.

In the spirit of reconciliation, I will be offering various links to resources and information in coming weeks, that are short, sharp and grounded in truth. View the first one here.

Reconciliation Action Plan Manager
Aboriginal Strategy Unit