This beautiful artwork was commissioned by the Indigenous Strategy Office in a collaborative partnership with the  School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences (SEALS) here at UOW.  The piece was designed and developed by Sammy Hill,  a local Aboriginal graphic design and contemporary artist with connections to Dharawal/ Wandandian country (Sammy Hill Creative Design) .   Sammy’s inspiration for this piece is drawn from country, for country with the use of local flora and fauna from the region and has key words drawn from our  Acknowledgment of Country  developed  by the Aboriginal Staff and community of UOW.

It fits perfectly with the School of Earth Atmosphere and Life Science whilst representing a great example in which collaborative partnerships can work effectively and efficiently in ensuring UOW prioritise reconciliation by following Aboriginal protocol and consultation processes. A true and sincere approach to reconciling spaces here at UOW, strengthening  links between Science and Indigenous education and knowledges.!!

To explore ideas for reconciling your spaces and places at UOW, please contact Jo Goulding Reconciliation Action Plan Manager