Wrap with Love is a Sydney based not-for-profit committed to providing warm, hand-knitted blankets to over 75 countries since 1992. Building upon the UOW Library’s decade long support for this initiative, the UOW MakerSpace proudly began hosting workshops and knit-ins for students and staff alike in July.

Following the success of this program, and our partnership with the IFIS English Conversation Group, we’re proud to continue providing knitting needles and materials for the foreseeable future (although please feel free to BYO). This means that you can come into the MakerSpace at any time during our opening hours and knit squares to contribute to WWL, or any other projects that may be introduced from time to time such as the ‘5000 Poppies‘ project.

In the collaborative spirit of the MakerSpace, we hope to foster a supportive community where staff and students of all skill levels are welcome to come and knit for a good cause. Use your spare time to make a real difference!