A big thank you to all the generous hearts and capable hands that have made the Food on Campus project possible. UOW staff from all Faculties and Divisions have played a part, inspiring student leaders and alumni to do the same.

This work has been running for more than 3.5 months, with some key highlights being:

  • 2708 food/grocery packs given to students (plus those that attend the Saturday market-style event)
  • Over 1000 food packs given to students across Sydney (Redfern, Blacktown, Strathfield, Liverpool)
  • 44 food service events held on Wollongong campus
  • New connections made with more than 15 community organisations in Wollongong and Sydney

We have received some beautiful feedback from students, who are so thankful for the support and care. Some comments have included:

“I have no words to thank you guys for helping me in such a huge way, even my parents are sending you blessings from overseas. We will never forget your helping moments in our life.”

 “I am really grateful to the uni for doing such good for the students. It’s really difficult to express that you don’t have sufficient money in your pocket to buy food and groceries. I am really obliged to the uni and the staff who are giving such great help to the students.”

This support to the student community will continue until at least the end of September. Staff have generously volunteered their time so all August shifts have been filled but we are after volunteers for shifts in Wollongong and Sydney during September. No regular commitment is required, just putting your hand up for a one-off shift makes a big impact. For more information, visit this article.