We are pleased to announce that the Early Start Equity Fund has been added to the list of charitable causes that are supported by UOW Cares.

Donating to this fund via the University’s workplace giving program will help enable Early Start to provide subsidised or free entry to the Early Start Discovery Space to children and families from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It will also assist to deliver support programs to improve social inclusion of marginalised or underrepresented groups.

Early Start partners with organisations such as Barnados and SCARF Refugee Support to help families and give kids the chance to access new learning experiences.

Every donation makes a direct impact, no matter the size.

  • Donating $2 a fortnight for a whole year means seven children from low socio-economic households can visit the Discovery Space.
  • Donating $4 a fortnight for a whole year means that a parent and child from a refugee family can attend the Discovery Space for FREE for a year.

Increasing access for these groups helps to reduce poverty, improve health outcomes and reduce inequalities, outcomes aligned with both the UOW values and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

UOW Cares donor, Shaye Hiscocks says that giving through payroll is so simple.

“Since it’s a pre-tax donation, I don’t even notice it coming out of my pay. It’s great that it’s super easy to set up and that the charity gets some support for their amazing work.”

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