These times are tough, and everybody’s mental load has increased. Supermarket shelves are empty, our favourite places to go have shut up shop and we’re not allowed to hang out with our friends or go see a sports match.

The health crisis itself is anxiety inducing enough, thrown in with adapting to all the changes going on around us, life just isn’t running as usual. Now, more than ever, it’s important to be kind to yourself and make space for mindfulness.

“To be completely honest, I have at times felt panicked and afraid” says UOW student Aya.

“I felt like I was going crazy from the non-stop pandemic dialogue” says another UOW student Alana.These feelings are universally felt right now.

Although there isn’t a quick band-aid fix, UOW experts offer their tips for how you can boost your resilience with a bit of mindfulness during this difficult time, while UOW students Aya and Alana tell you how they’re putting these tips into practice.